Take the Hwy 40 exit, heading south. From Salt Lake City, drive east on I-80. The 32 miles is best done in a three-day backpack that requires you to gain 4,200 feet along the way. One of my passions is fly fishing for all western trout species. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. From there it is less than 3.0 miles to North Erickson on a good trail. This range receives over 400 inches of precipitation annually, and you can find water everywhere. Whiskey Island Lake Trail is a 2.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kamas, Utah that features a lake and is rated as moderate. About 3 miles beyond Mirror Lake you'll pass the Highline Trailhead. Turn east directly after the school onto White Rocks Highway which is also called 5750 East. Its 456,705 acres include glacial lakes, fields of wildflowers, and Utah’s highest peaks (King’s Peak, at an elevation of 13,534 feet is here). You know that pleasant surprise of putting on a pair of pants and finding a $20 in the pocket? The High Uintas Wilderness encompasses some of Utah’s most stunning natural beauty. Once you're on the spur ridge a path becomes visible near the top. Last night we camped at Washington Lake in the high Uintas (10,000 feet). With a thousand pockets. After turning off the highway, follow signs for the Crystal Lake Trailhead and find a spot in the limited parking area. Fishing for golden trout in Utah's high mountain lakes. I’ve done this 25 people have done this. The trail is easy enough to do overnight but I recommend taking an extra day to explore the area around Dead Horse Lake. Since there are over 1000 lakes in the Uintas you can have a lot of repeating lake names. Hidden Lake Association offers many recreational opportunities and most importantly a place that offers rest and relaxation among friends. 7 minutes ago The hike isn't too bad, the thing that will hurt you the most is the weight of the pack. In hindsight, the shelter rock might not be so trivial to find, because it is illogically far from the creek and the faint trail there. Our trip to the Unita Range was last minute to say the least. By Paul Thompson DWR Northern Region aquatics manager. For some unknown reason they believe the sound of a off road vehicle attracts elk. Usually by 3rd week of September the elk start to move on to private land. I’d like to get his sleep system dialed before our upcoming Wind River trip, i’m hoping I can pair his doggy jacket with his insulated mat and leave the sleeping bag at home. But for the beginner backpacker, the imposing faces of the Uinta peaks can be intimidating. Backpacking: The Red Castle Lakes, High Uintas Mountain Range, Utah USA. From the trailhead you will hike south on the West Fork Blacks Fork trail. Mountaineer Award. From Hidden Lake, it was less an a mile cross-country down into Middle Fork Weber gorge. The Utah DWR has published a series of booklets called "Lakes of the High Uintas" that are also extremely valuable. I returned to my home away from home for a solo overnight recon to Jewel Lake. There was no real trail, you just have to find your way up the spur ridge. At milepost 25.5, turn left onto the paved road signed from Trial Lake and Crystal Lake Trailhead. Hidden Gems: 10 Secret Utah Adventures You Must Try Sep 13, 2017 By: Jake Wilhelmsen . There are actually 5 lakes in the area as well as about a dozen other smaller ponds. Once you’ve had your fill of the hiking trails, you’ll find plenty of other outdoor activities in the Uinta Mountains! Getting There Park just before or at Mile Marker 35. There are also over 400 miles of streams. Mainly shady, pick this location for the hottest of days. Climbing Area Map. I hit the trail at 3 p.m. A quick overnight trip. No matter what season, Hidden Lake Association offers enjoyment for all . Situated in the northwestern part of the Uintas, this trail is one of the most scenic around with views of mountains to the east and west. High Uintas Wilderness Area: Grandaddy lake - See 16 traveler reviews, 38 candid photos, and great deals for Utah, at Tripadvisor. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until September. Backpacking has no equal alpine venue in the state of Utah than the Uinta Mountains. Following the signs to Mirror Lake and Uintas, turn onto Hwy 150. Hike east along the trail from the lower parking lot. All Locations > Utah > Northeast Utah > Uinta Mountains. Local Business I've seen in excess of 400+ elk on Simplot land. So unless you go deep expect to see and hear a lot of people. Wilderness. The trail is pretty mellow, distance isn't too long, and isn't super steep either. From Roosevelt take US 40 until your reach Eagle View Elementary School. From classics like Kings Peak and Naturalist Basin, to lesser-known destinations such as Hidden Lake, late summer sees thousands of people humping their heavy packs into the rock strewn peaks and pine forests. Close. At first I stopped at a small pond--looked mostly like snow melt. Make sure you have the right gear but it is worth it. Take the turnoff for the Trail Lake and Crystal Lake Campgrounds, and the Crystal Lake Trailheads. Upper and Lower Red Castle Lakes can also be accessed along the main trail, but East Red Castle Lake and Smith's Fork Pass Lake are along the Smith Fork Pass Trail. It is an annual tradition for us. Dead Horse Lake is a lightly trafficked and highly scenic route in the High Uintas Wilderness. Just below Amethyst Lake, Uintas, Utah, USA. Either way is fine, but I recommend right to see the lake close up. Location: Chepeta Lake also known as WR-64 is located in Duchesne County, Utah. The hike up and down was my favorite part of this trip. Posts Comments Followers. More than 500 of those pristine mountain lakes support populations of game fish. 22 likes. Every state likes to talk about the variety of experiences it offers, but Utah is uniquely qualified to brag. Posted by 1 month ago. Just below Amethyst Lake, Uintas, Utah, USA. The Uinta Mountains (/ j uː ˈ ɪ n t ə / yoo-IN-tə) are an east-west trending chain of mountains in northeastern Utah extending slightly into southern Wyoming in the United States.As a subrange of the Rocky Mountains, they are unusual for being the highest range in the contiguous United States running east to west, and lie approximately 100 miles (160 km) east of Salt Lake City. Trial Lake - The Uintas, Kamas, Utah. Well Utah is cargo pants. The lake is a short hike up from Sulpher campground. I arrived to a packed trail head, and I was lucky to get a parking spot on the main row. The stars were amazing! From Kamas, head east along Utah highway 150 for just over 40.2 km. The extensive Highline Trail is only 0.2 mile south of this low point on the ridge; hence there are many possibilities for extended backpacking trips from Upper Red Castle Lake. The hike up and down was my favorite part of this trip. Anyway, I prefer to call it a passion. The campground was very nice. 13. It can be reached from the Smith and Morehouse trailhead, but it is easier to start hiking from the end of Upper Setting Road in the Provo River Drainage. We investigated a half-mile section of the creek, looking for the women's final shelter - a little cove of rock facing West - and couldn't find it either. The road eventually turns into Farm Creek Road. The Unitas are Utah’s highest range and home to 17 of the tallest 20 peaks in Utah. Located in the less-traveled eastern section of the range, this is one of Utah's real bucket-list adventures. They wonder at the majesty of Zion National Park, they ski and board the powder at our ski resorts and they participate in the Jeep crawls at Moab. Areas in Ruth Lake ... High in the Uintas, Ruth Lake offers steep routes with the odd roof. Spotlight: Red Castle Lake is a beautiful lake hidden in the High Uintas. I put it together and headed on in. It was beautiful. Wilderness. The trail will likely be very snowy until late June in most years. 2 … North Erickson Lake sits at the head of Smith and Morehouse Creeks in Erickson Basin. Camp out under the stars and admire the remarkable Utah night sky, and extend some of these trails into a fun backpacking trip for the whole family. Ruth Lake Rock Climbing. Did you wonder what the letters meant? Fishing in Utah Subscribe To Fishing in Utah. There are well over 1,000 natural lakes in the Uintas. Utah hunters in that area love, and I mean love, to road hunt. Essential Meadow Lake. Leave Hwy 40 at the Kamas exit, and drive into Kamas. Nov 6, 2017 - Highway 150, Kamas to Evanston. People come from all over the world to visit Utah. Jewel Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah- 7.8/7.9.2017 Finally got out into the Uintas this year! I would say that it's about 5 times harder. The most famous backpacking trip in the Uintas, King's Peak is the highest point in Utah at 13,512 feet. See more ideas about mirror lake, lake, utah. June 22, 2018 sean. With an east to west orientation, the Uintas include the highest peaks of such an orientation in the Lower 48. While the Uintas were extensively glaciated during the Ice Ages, no glaciers survive the arid climate of eastern Utah. 12 Hidden Places In Utah Only Locals Know About. The Uintas are a high elevation, pristine mountain wilderness located in Utah. At 13,534 feet, Kings Peak is the highest point in the range and the highest point in Utah. Each lake gets an abbreviation that corresponds with when the lake was surveyed. If you ask my wife Debbi, she would likely call it an obsession. The primitive trail from Red Castle Lake does not stop at Upper Red Castle Lake, but continues upward to a small pass on the ridge 628 feet above Upper Red Castle. This is at milepost 25.5, which is 25.5 from Kamas Utah on highway 150 or about 52 miles south of Evanston Wyoming on Highway 150. After 0.75 miles, a side trail comes in from Mirror Lake, stay left as the trail descends southeast along the base of the high Uintas. There's gold in the Uintas! https://casualoutdoorsman.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/finding-hidden-lake HLA Information and News. Continuing on, a junction is reached with right going to Scudder Lake and left bypassing Scudder Lake. It’s the best way for everyone to I want to do this 21 want to do this route. Bourbon Lake in the Uintas Spent a day last week before the snow fishing Whiskey Lake (not sure if that's the right name). Hidden Lake Association. The Uintas are broken up into several drainage’s. Red Castle Lake is the largest lake, and the most popular. Along with the native cutthroat trout in the west, I love fishing for golden trout. Hayden Peak - Uintas Uinta Mountains - Kamas, Utah Hayden Peak: 12,479' 2.5 miles each way I couldn't believe that this hike was only a half a mile further than Bald Mountain. This is a 10-booklet set that describes all waters managed as fisheries. The Uintas, like many other parts of Utah, are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The Red Castle Lakes are a hidden gem to anyone outside of Utah, and a must for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in Utah’s Uinta Mountain Range. HLA was created in 1960 and since then has transformed into the wonderful community it is today. Wildflowers were everywhere, the trail was literally on the shore of a lake for long sections of it and the views were great. Take The Short, Easy Trail To Ruth Lake For A Utah Summer Adventure With The Family.